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Md Delwar Hossain
May 11, 2022
In General Discussion
The number of live broadcasts participating in product sharing on Douyin reached 500,000, and Special Database the total number of views exceeded 2 billion. Live e-commerce has ushered in the best era. 1. The anchor situation In the live broadcast the night before the double 11 pre-sale this year, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room of Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi exceeded 30 million. Coincidentally, both of them started live-streaming sales in 2016. Before she became famous, Wei Ya worked in women's Special Database clothing wholesale, participated in draft competitions, signed a record company, and opened a Taobao online store. Li Jiaqi was a beauty consultant for L'Oreal before he became famous, and later became Special Database a delivery anchor. Under the circumstances of the right time and place, Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi became the first sister and first brother of Taobao Live. Wei Ya won the six major awards of clothing, snacks, beauty, mother and baby, life, and Top anchor at the Taobao live broadcast ceremony. Li Jiaqi became the man who sold lipstick with Jack Ma. The competition between the heads Special Database is very fierce, and the 28 rule is more vivid in the live broadcast industry. Head KOLs are only a very small group of people in the huge army of carrying goods. Only Taobao live broadcasts a platform, tens of thousands of live broadcasts every day, and thousands Special Database of MCN institutions. Tens of thousands of anchors compete for limited traffic and favor from brands, and most of them are in the long tail. In Kuaishou, the head-carrying experts "Xin Youzhi Simba 818", "Dolls (6 o'clock every Monday)", "Chu Ruixue at 6 o'clock every weekend", "Sister Mi opens a clothing factory in Guangzhou", "Kui Er kuki" ", "Sister Rui Shijiazhuang", but most anchors don't have that many veterans, and the results are minimal. Douyin is a Special Database traffic distribution center with more refined content and is essentially suitable for advertising.

Md Delwar Hossain

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